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Carpet Padding Recycling Program in Oregon

Lippert's Carpet One recognized the significant environmental impact of carpet padding disposal and saw an opportunity to make a difference. When customers purchase new flooring, our installers remove the old carpet and padding. Instead of discarding it in landfills, we began a program to collect, inspect, and recycle these materials. We implemented systems to ensure that the padding is free of hazardous materials before it is baled and sent to manufacturers for reuse in new products. This closed-loop recycling process helps reduce waste and supports sustainable flooring practices. Keep reading to learn more about how this sustainable practice can help our community and future generations!


Important Notice: We want to inform you that our carpet pad recycling program is a special service that is available exclusively to Lippert's Carpet One customers. Due to Oregon's regulations, we are unable to extend this service to the general public. We appreciate your understanding and continued support!



The Evolution of Lippert's Carpet One Carpet Pad Recycling Initiatives

After 12 years of consistent effort, our carpet pad recycling program has grown significantly. We have developed efficient systems to manage the collection and recycling process. Our warehouse regularly handles 30-40 bales of recycled padding, and we have sent over 903,660 pounds of foam scrap to recyclers. This translates to 451 tons, filling 60 full truck loads and covering an area equivalent to flooring the Rogue Valley Mall four times. Our program benefits the environment, supports local jobs, and reduces disposal costs!



Environmental Impact and Benefits of Carpet Pad Recycling

Recycling carpet padding has numerous environmental and economic benefits:



Tips for Sustainable Flooring and Eco-Friendly Remodeling

1. Choose Recyclable Materials: Opt for carpet and padding made from recyclable materials. This ensures they can be part of a closed-loop recycling process.


2. Regular Maintenance: Properly maintaining your carpet extends its life and reduces the need for frequent replacements.


3. Eco-Friendly Options: When purchasing a new carpet, consider eco-friendly options with a lower environmental impact.


4. Support Recycling Programs: Choose companies that have established carpet recycling initiatives for their products, contributing to sustainability efforts.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the recycling process work for carpet pads?

When customers purchase flooring from Lippert's Carpet One, our installers remove the old carpet and padding, which is then inspected, baled, and sent to manufacturers for carpet pad recycling.



Q: What types of products is the recycled foam used for in the foam industry?

Recycled foam is used in new carpet padding and upholstery, such as chair and couch cushion fillers.



Q: What are the environmental benefits of recycling carpet pads?

Recycling carpet pads reduces landfill waste, supports local jobs, and contributes to environmental conservation by repurposing materials that would otherwise take 100 years to decompose.



Q: How do customers of Lippert's Carpet One contribute to the program?

By choosing Lippert's Carpet One, customers support our carpet recycling initiatives, ensuring their old flooring materials are recycled instead of ending up in landfills.



Q: Have other businesses or communities adopted similar recycling initiatives?

Not to our knowledge, but we encourage other businesses to consider similar initiatives for their environmental and economic benefits.



Q: Are there plans to expand or improve the recycling program in the future?

We are exploring opportunities to recycle other flooring products and are prioritizing partnerships with local and regional organizations to maximize our impact.



Q: Can individuals or businesses outside Lippert's Carpet One participate in the recycling program?

Unfortunately, no. Due to Oregon's regulations and logistical constraints, this program is not open to the public. We place a heavy emphasis on engaging with our community and supporting the natural environment. We have many community partnerships already existing, including the Boy Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity, and SoHumane, our local animal shelter.



How You Can Help Support This Cause

By supporting Lippert's Carpet One, you are contributing to a sustainable future and helping to preserve the beauty and purity of Oregon's natural landscape. Our commitment to sustainable flooring practices, eco-friendly remodeling, and flooring waste diversion demonstrates our dedication to remodeling with purpose and minimizing the environmental impact of synthetic pad recycling. Simply put, you can continue to support this cause by supporting our local business! Visit your local showroom in Medford, OR and Grants Pass, OR to discover carpet remnants and more flooring materials, including luxury vinyl flooring, stone and ceramic tile, hardwood, area rugs, and more. We proudly serve the following areas: 


Central Point, OR | Ashland, OR | Phoenix, OR | Talent, OR | Brookings, OR | Grants Pass, OR | Merlin, OR | Wilderville, OR | Selma, OR | Cave Junction, OR | O'Brien, OR | Harbor, OR | Gold Beach, OR | Wolf Creek, OR | Glendale, OR | Azalea, OR | Rogue River, OR | Williams, OR | Windchuck, OR | Hugo, OR | Wimer, OR | Murphy, OR | Kerby, OR | Medford, OR

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