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Birch Hardwood Flooring

Birch wood floors offer warmth and character with medium-heavy, golden glow hardwood that's highly shock resistant.

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Birch Hardwood Flooring


About Birch Flooring

Are you looking to warm up your interior with a beautiful and durable hardwood floor? The golden glow of birch floors may be just the answer, whether you're working with a modern or classic design style. 

Birch wood floors offer warmth and character with medium-heavy hardwood that's also highly shock resistant, which comes in handy in a house full of children. The natural beauty of the light and dark wood shines across planks, offering a more affordable option to the similarly hued but higher-priced maple. 

What Is Birch Hardwood Flooring?

Birch hardwood flooring comes from yellow and red birch trees, both of which grow quickly and often sprout first in recently cleared fields. Once harvested and milled, the medium-density hardwood transforms into solid wood flooring that’s quite stunning in all homes. Though equally durable, the more contemporary-looking platinum blonde planks of yellow birch tend to be more popular than the warmer, more traditional cinnamon tones of red birch or the cooler hues of white birch flooring.


Part of the allure of birch flooring comes from its warm, sunny vibe and dramatic contrasting colors. Its golden brown planks are infused with darker brown and amber areas. The straight-grained wood generally offers a uniform texture with the occasional swirl or knot. 

Though birch floors can be stained, it’s typically best done by a professional, as it requires significant attention to detail to prevent blotchy results. If you have your heart set on birch, you’ll be pleased to know that many birch products are already offered in a variety of hues to match your design taste. 

Durability and Maintenance

When it comes to the hardness of birch, soft or hard doesn't quite explain it. Instead, birch has a medium hardness that's mildly forgiving of everyday scrapes and scuffs from dining room chairs and kids' toys. It's not scratch or dent-resistant and may benefit from sanding and refinishing over time. 

To keep your birch wood floor looking its best for years to come, routinely sweep or vacuum. Regular cleaning can prevent unexpected scratches from lingering dust and debris. Make sure you’re following the manufacturer's care instructions for the specific hardwood flooring you choose. 


The good news is that birch hardwood floors can have a long life expectancy, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly how long they will last because there are many factors involved. Your floor's lifespan depends on everything from how it was installed and the quality of the material used to the amount of foot traffic it receives and how well you maintain it over the years. 

We recommend you look at the warranty that comes with your new flooring. Carpet One Floor & Home offers warranty protection that ensures you'll enjoy your beautiful birch flooring for years to come. 


The medium density of birch hardwood flooring is a benefit when it comes to installation, as it can make nailing the wood planks to the subfloor easier. Like other hardwood flooring options, birch wood can also be stapled or glued down. 

Regardless of the installation method, we always recommend hiring a professional, as hardwood installation is a tricky process. Experienced pros will ensure a quality installation that results in the best lifespan, appearance, and durability of your new birch flooring. Plus, professional installation often includes a comprehensive warranty that gives you peace of mind for years to come. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Birch Flooring

Is birch a hardwood floor worth investing in? Consider the pros and cons. 

The advantages of birch wood flooring include: 

  • Complements many design styles
  • Lightens rooms with its creamy, neutral color palette and subtle grain patterns
  • Nearly endless color choices
  • Easier to nail down during installation than many other solid wood options 

There are only a couple of disadvantages:

  • Durable as a medium hardwood but still prone to scratches and dents 
  • Can shrink or warp with regular exposure to moisture, causing gaps to form between planks

Luckily, all of our products are factory finished, meaning you don’t have to worry about staining them on-site and you still have your pick of hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is birch good for hardwood floors?

Birch hardwood floors excel in many homes, but whether it's right for your home depends on your specific needs. Though its neutral hues can warm up any room, birch hardwood is best used in areas without moisture and with medium foot traffic.  

Is birch a soft hardwood?

Birch is not soft —when it comes to hardness, birch wood is mid-range. In terms of strength, birch hardwood flooring is comparable to oak and stronger than cherry or walnut. It can withstand medium to heavy foot traffic but it's not immune to the occasional ding or scratch.

Can you use birch for flooring?

Birch is a great hardwood flooring option if you’re looking to add charm and open up your space. Its cream-colored wood with amber infusions adds character and light to non-humid spaces, and birch wood flooring wears best with light to medium traffic.

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