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Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Pet Friendly Flooring


While pets bring excitement and love into our homes, they don’t always mix well with the floors. From knocked over cups to claw scratches and shedding fur, it’s hard to find a floor that can handle the daily wear and tear of an active household with animals. Lippert’s Carpet One has a wide selection of the latest flooring products, including a gorgeous assortment of pet friendly options that will last for years, no matter how messy your furry family members are.


What is the Best Flooring for Pets?

The best flooring for pets is designed to look beautiful and hold up to heavy wear and tear. It should be scratch and stain-resistant, as well as water-resistant or waterproof — so that it won’t be ruined by pet urine. If it’s a hard surface floor like hardwood, luxury vinyl, or tile, it should have a high-performance, durable finish, glaze, or wear layer that resists abrasions. If it’s carpet, it should have robust fibers that don’t retain odors or snag claws. Pet proof flooring should also be easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and able to handle high traffic situations.


You can browse through a few of our most popular pet friendly options below, or stop by our showrooms in Medford and Grants Pass to chat with our leading experts about your floor installation needs.


Our Pet Friendly Floor Options


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Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Good for Pets?

Luxury Vinyl is one of the toughest floors on the market and has a high-performance wear layer that’s scratch and stain-resistant, as well as easy to clean and hypoallergenic. It comes in plank and tile formats that can mirror hardwood, tile, and stone — and it’s available in both water-resistant and waterproof choices. 



What is the Best Carpet for Pets?

We carry a wide assortment of the top carpet brands on the market, including pet friendly options that are stain-resistant, durable, and even waterproof in some cases. You can even find products that have hypoallergenic fibers, which are easy to clean dust and fur from.



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What Type of Flooring is Waterproof?

An increasing variety of floors are waterproof thanks to innovative advances in technology and design. We carry waterproof hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet, and tile collections that are all perfectly pet friendly and long lasting. 




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